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Dr. G’s Urgent Care is not like any other urgent care. At our facilities, patients are offered so much more. Our goal is to keep our patients out of the hospital unless absolutely necessary, so we offer a large array of treatments so that patients can receive ER quality care in a more welcoming, pleasant environment where patients are treated like family.

Dr. G’s Urgent Care is family owned and operated. Dr. Mylissa Graber is a Board Certified Emergency Physician with over 20 years of Emergency Medical experience. She trains and oversees the care of each of her providers so that they can deliver excellent quality consistent care at each facility. Dr. Graber runs the facilities like minor Emergency Rooms, with the goal of keeping patients out of the Emergency Room and Hospital unless absolutely necessary.

To accomplish this, at Dr. G’s Urgent Care we offer a full array of services including sick visits, x-rays, IV antibiotics, IV fluids and symptomatic medications, nebulizer treatments, EKG’s, minor surgical procedures, blood testing, various physicals, vaccinations and more. In addition, Dr. G’s Urgent Care partners with Dr. G’s Pharmacy, a separately owned and operated business, that takes most insurances and allows patients to leave with their medications so they can start their treatments right away. Delivery service is available as well. Although we are an urgent care, many people consider us their primary physicians and come for regular check ups, blood work, and screening testing such as pap smears and STD testing.

We pride ourselves on quick service as well. Our waiting rooms are small, because we don’t expect patients to spend much time there. The urgent care is set up like an Emergency Room, so that the patients have direct interaction with our highly trained, competent, and caring medical staff and know they are being cared for promptly. We never turn patients away and will see you up to the minute we leave the building, often staying after hours to continue our treatment of patients. In addition, we help facilitate appointments for radiology studies and specialty follow up to help patients get the specialized services they need quickly to get them better faster. In addition, we call and follow up with all patients to make sure they are feeling better and address any concerns they may have.

Dr. G’s Urgent Care is a Family owned and operated business, and we look forward to welcoming you into our family as well.


  • We take care of you as if you are family, we treat your family like we would treat our very own.
  • You are our priority, and we will do everything we can to make your visit pleasant and as quick as possible.
  • We are aggressive with treatment. We believe in treating you early, not waiting until your condition worsens.
  • We want to be here for you when you are ill and we will work to keep you healthy.
  • We will help you solve your issues, when others will turn you away
  • We feel it is our duty to be there for you and will treat you fully within our capabilities.
  • We treat you with the same high quality if not better quality than you would get in the hospital setting at a fraction of the price.

“Let our family take care of your family.”

Jeffrey’s motto

It is proudly in his memory that we continue to serve those who seek our help.

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